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CenterStats from VisualOffice allows Shopping Center, Mall and Outlet Center managers to easily offer store managers and area managers more detailed and complete statistical information. It saves time and effort, on behalf of clerical staff, entering compiling and retrieving dwell and customer flow data.

The application surveys mobile phones in a given space, triangulating their position for as long as they are in range. It batch processes the data during down time and generates information. In the demo application it shows a visual heat-map of devices by hour by day by store.

Knowing where customers move is extremely useful for retailers. It allows them to optimize their center layout during special events and quantifies decisions during rent reviews. It highlights the best positions for advertising signs. The application does not collect personally identifiable information about shoppers from their phones, and customers' phone numbers and other information are not retrieved. Total Traffic.

Provide a count of the number of shoppers in the center. Total Traffic by Time of Day. Effectively position tenants based on their operational background. Total Traffic by day week and month. Know shopping strengths and weaknesses. Average dwell time by day week and month. Information generated from raw data can be viewed in various formats, downloaded as an MS Excel spreadsheet, PDF document or as an image file..      

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